"Improving lives one space at a time" 

Holistic Interior Design Consultant:   


Jennifer Anderson is creative in assisting clients in improving their homes and offices to enhance not only beautify and make their home and work spaces more comfortable and usable, but also as a result,  increase opportunities in other areas of their lives, such as creating or improving relationships, opening doors for new business or job opportunities, improving, health and well being through Feng Shui. Jennifer is also well adapted at helping Homeowners and Realtors Stage their listings to expedite getting a SOLD sign on the property, as soon as possible, and with the maximum return on their investment. 


With 25+ years combined experience and training, Jennifer brings a wealth of skills and talent to help you get to where you need to be -  not only thru Interior Design but also in Feng Shui, Home Staging, Residential Real Estate and New Construction Sales & Marketing, as well as a creative Floral Designer, for your home, office or special events. 


Her practice and work experience have taken place in such leading edge and innovative locations as Austin, Texas; Aspen, Colorado, Southern California and many other areas in-between. Having relocated to Virginia Beach, she is now able to offer her years of experience to the surrounding East Coast areas in person, while still able to assist long distance with many of the services due to our high tech options.  


Jennifer thrives on working with clients who are open and motivated to help themselves improve on their existing situations with an open and positive mindset. She looks forward to hearing from you. 


Holistic Healing


Jennifer also has been training for years in various forms of Holistic Health and Healing and offers you opportunities to explore natural and non-invasive methods of healing and spiritual guidance for your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being!  


As within, as without!  It's all connected!



* Check with your primary health practitioner before making any     changes to your health plan.  


Design Services Include:


  • Feng Shui & Space Clearing - Assessments and recommendations to improve the energies in a home or office, thereby improving the lives of the occupants.

  • Home Staging - assisting Sellers and Realtors in getting their homes and listings sold quickly for the maximum profit in the shortest amount of time, for the least amount of investment.

  • Re-Design - for those who want a quick refresh to all or certain parts of their home, using what they already have orelp them find and acuire special pieces at affordable prices.  

  • Floral Design & Events - For small to medium home parties and corporate events, weddings, luncheons, baby showers and holiday decor.



Holistic Healing Services Include:


  • Holistic Wellness Mentor and Advocate - Assist clients in finding more holistic ways to improve their health and wellness with more Natural, Comprehensive and Non-Invasive methods and modalities. Certified in Reconnection Healing (TM), 2001 and 201Sp and other healing modalities.

  • Angel and Oracle Card Readings, Spiritual Consultations


Jennifer will be there to support you and help you make it happen.  Learn more about Jennifer here and contact her to discuss your needs and concerns. 


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