As a naturally compassionate, creative and problem-solving personality, Jennifer brings a holistic approach to all she does. With a degree in social work and interior design, advanced and continuous training and having healed her own personal health challenges through holistic methods, along with Feng Shui, interior design, real estate sales & marketing, merchandising and construction, Jennifer brings a vast well of knowledge and experience to the table when it comes to assisting you with your personal, professional and real estate related needs.  



















Discovering Feng Shui while in California, she quickly recognized it was the missing link. It pulled together and complimented her additional interests in helping people (social work), creating beauty (interior design), love of real estate (healing thru the home) and interest in natural healing.  Through this marriage of connected modalities, Jennifer witnessed subtle to amazing shifts in people's lives.  It is Jennifer's commitment as a holistic design practitioner, to assist each and every client in the best way she can to help them accomplish their goals, thus “changing lives, one space at a time".  



About Jennifer

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