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Feng Shui - In the Beginning....


Feng Shui - (fung shway) is the ancient Chinese "Art of Placement" known to have been utilized anywhere from 3000-5000 years ago. It stands for "Wind and Water".  Originally utilized to locate optimal building sites for religious orders and royal families. The intention was to create safe and secure dwellings for the inhabitants so that they are protected from the extremes of natural and man-made threats including weather, wild animals, and human enemies.  


It was also important to address the inner needs of the inhabitants,    creating optimum enhanced life force or "chi" in the that contributed to their well being on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  In today's world that would mean creating harmonious environments, that are nurturing and revitalizing so that the inhabitants are creating or attracting new opportunities for improved health, relationships and prosperity.  What areas of your life would you like to improve and enhance with Feng Shui?





Coming from a real estate and interior design background, I prefer to practice a form called "Essential Feng Shui" as taught by Terah Kathryn Collins from the Western School of Feng Shui in Southern California.  Having first trained in 1997and then updated my training with them again in 2015 via an in-depth, comprehensive on-line version. This school or format utilizes the basic principles of Feng Shui, but without as much of the Chinese cultural influences - unless of course you prefer that. There's lots of room to incorporate your decor and personal tastes in the Feng Shui adjustments. I also bring to the table teachings from many other sources as acquired through my years of training and practicing. I'm happy to adjust according to your needs or recommend others who might suit you better! 


Essential Feng Shui is, as best quoted by Terah Kathryn Collins, "a very "Yin" oriented - fluid, relational, interactive and intuitively based, taking into consideration the whole (holistic) picture with all family members or occupants in a home or employees in a business, etc. There are few if any hard and fast rules, only recommendations and opportunities to create wonderful, supportive and nurturing environments so that people's lives can shift and continue to change in the direction they desire."













There are many different "schools" of Feng Shui, as there are forms of healing.  All have own style and strengths.


Some forms remain more traditional, where others may be interpreted or revamped into more contemporary approaches. They all have value and merit.  The important point is that the style or format one chooses to work with, feels appropriate to you, and as well you feel comfortable with your Feng Shui practitioner and the types of adjustments she may suggest. A Feng Shui consultation can be a very personal and private sharing of your home, your hopes, dreams and your challenges.  So it's important to work with someone you are comfortable with, in order to bring about the recommendations you would be most comfortable intiating and ultimately creating the best results for you and your family. 



Is All Feng Shui the Same?

Essential Feng Shui

Feng Shui - Packages & Pricing


Mini Session - $90 (One Room Studio or Home Office) - Includes written materials, verbal recommendations, and follow-up phone check-in. 


Initial Feng Shui Package - $150 (Small to Medium Home/Office) - Includes initial phone consult prior to appointment, emailed questionnaire, on-site assessment (1.5-2 Hrs), verbal recommendations (taking notes encouraged), plus written materials/folder and one follow-up phone check-up.


Initial Feng Shui Package with Written Report - $185 -

All of the above, plus a written report of recommendations.


Hourly Fee - $75/Hr - (for previous/existing clients)

  • Larger homes or offices (requiring more than 2 hours)  

  • Follow-up Site Visits, Re-Evaluations or Re-assessments

  • Feng Shui / Design Services, Resourcing, Re-design