Why Should I Stage My Home? 

If you are planning to sell or lease out your home, condo or townhome - first impressions are everything!  With today's instant media access to most properties, your home has to make a great first impression from the first click from someone's mobile phone, computer or their first drive-by. 


Getting help from a professional stager, who also knows Feng Shui and Space Clearing could be the best decision you make in getting your home ready to sell. 

  • Someone who has experience, training, and knowledge in real estate marketing, interior design and merchandising.

  • Someone who knows how to affordably and effectively stage your home, in order to recoup the maximum return on your largest investment for the least amount of money - so you don't leave money on the table.


Bottom line -  the better your prospective Buyers can immediately see and feel the benefits of your home over others and can picture themselves living there, the better response you will receive and sooner because they won't want to lose it! 





Staging Packages Available

OK, so What's Involved?

Before & After Staging Photos

As every home is different and the circumstances around every sale is unique, so are the various requirements for getting it into the best marketable condition in order to effect the quickest sale for maximum return on your investment. Some may require very little to improve their saleability while others may need an overhaul. Some clients want to do much of the work themselves to minimize expenses, while others may want a turnkey experience or somewhere in-between.


I've done all kinds. I suggest starting off with a basic 1-2 hour Consultation and lets assess the situation. That may be all you need, but if not, we can establish the next step to get your home ready to sell and sell quickly. I can then provide an estimate and will apply your initial assessment fee to future work (if exceeds $300)- based on my recommendations and your specific needs and budget allotment.


Staging is generally always going to cost less than your first price reduction! Give me a call today and let's see what we can do together, to minimize your time on the market, which reduces the number of times you have to prepare your home for showings and all the hassle that entails, plus maximizing your return on your investment.





Initial Consultation A:  $75-$150 - Initial Consultation includes a walk-thru assessment, verbal recommendations, with some simple tweaking as time allows (1-2 hour visit). 


Initial Consultation with Written Report: $90- $170 - Same as above with a written report of recommendations.


Package C:  Fixed Price - Estimate/Bid - After doing the Initial Consultation,  I will prepare a Fixed Cost Estimate/Bid based on square footage and or Sales Price, and type of work to be done.  Can include Custom Designed Staging Plan, Sourcing/Purchase/Rental and Labor, Installation and/or Removal of Staging Items, Level 1, Level II, or Level III based on signed agreement with Owner or Agent.  


Hourly Fee - $45-75/Hour - Design, Sourcing, Installation and Removal 

Hourly Fee - $25-$45/Hour Additional Labor Charges (Cleaning, Painting, Hauling, etc)






The photos below are just a few examples of some previous staging projects. See what a difference staging can make. Click on the photo for more information.